App Publishing can be a pain in the a** when it comes to filling all the areas. Keywords, App Title, Subtitles, Promotional Text, Screenshots… Unless you are an ASO Expert or a stunning marketer, most of the time, app publishers doesn’t really get the best of their app market page, loosing a significant amount of search organic downloads.

AppReady wants you to have the best app market for an affordable price, let’s get a look at their website.

What is AppReady?

Currently in Beta Early Access, we couldn’t have access to their platform. they plan to open their platform early October but we could find plenty of informations about the future platform on their website.

“AppReady offers a fast and affordable way for developers to get a Professional App Market Page with a dedicated ASO Expert and a stunning Instant Screenshot Service that’s let’s you create and download your creatives instantly.” Appready website

A “dedicated ASO expert” ? for an “affordable price” what it’s all about ?

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AppReady wants to put an end to the struggle for indie developers and small companies looking for an ASO Expert. They want your app to be ready to publish when you want it and gives you a dedicated ASO Expert for a stunning starting price of 99$. That’s an ambitious statement.

It’s true that unless you know how to use tools like Mobile Action/App Annie and can engage on a monthly basis or the budget to go with the agencies for your ASO needs, App Store Optimization is much of a “luxury” process for indie developers and small companies/studios.

How is the platform working ?

Because sometimes one image tells more than words, here’s how they describe the process.

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This is like ASO “on demand”, anytime you need to have your market page done, you can go on their platform order what you need and they assign an expert for you. Which seems pretty fair. Automate the texts is not an option in order to keep a decent quality and having an ASO expert working on your app will bring professional quality to your app market page. All this in 24 hours, which seems very ambitious.

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What about my screenshots?

That’s when the platform starts getting very interesting. They promise you HD screenshots for the unite price of 9,99$, how is that possible?

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“Choose over 15 different wonderful templates” gives us a hint on this feature. AppReady will allow you to create your own screenshots from their different templates for the unique price of $9,99. We can’t wait to try it!

Early Access and Free orders

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Yes you read it right, they’ll do free orders on their opening if you subscribe here to their Early Access. This is probably a way for them to test their tool and in the same way bring users to their platform. Which seems fair for a new tool.

So, is it worth it?

Sit Back Relax and Order Your Market Page

ASO and App Publishing is a challenge for app publishers since the beginning. The market is right now divide in two sides. ASO Tools which are great and useful but only if you know how to use it and need it on a monthly basis and agencies that are sometimes too expensive for indies and small companies.  In either way, those solutions are not ones for your wallet if your app doesn’t generate revenue.

AppReady seems to break those two sides with a new solution for ALL the mobile developers. From the big game studio to the indie developers, getting your app market page from a professional for 99$ is a serious promise and we can’t wait to try this new tool.

On their Product hunt page it says that they will open the platform early October. We definitely on their Early Access list!

You can subscribe to their Early Access here.

Tell us what you think in the comments!


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