Building the best app takes a lot of time and devotion. It would be a shame if those efforts were going to waste because of a lack of optimization !

With time and technology, the number of apps that get to the store is skyrocketing with over 1000 apps per day submitted on the Apple store. As of June 2016, Google play store and Apple store are housing in average 2 Million apps each.

With such huge numbers flowing in each day, it is likely that an app would never get to stand out from the crowdHence it is important for each developer to understand why ASO is such an essential part of any app.

So what is ASO all about?

ASO is the process of improving the visibility of your app on the different app stores.
The main goals of ASO are:

  • To be found easily by users
  • Increase app visibility on search results
  • Rank higher for specific keywords
  • Generate more organic installs

6 basic ASO rules:

Now that you know what ASO purpose is, here are a few basic starters that you need to be aware of:

  • Know your users and competitors

Having a clear understanding of your target audience should be a primary concern. Know who your competitors are and their visibility on your target markets.

  • Know the store algorithms

          Google pulls keywords from your app’s full and short description, while Apple uses the title and Metadata iTunes Connect area. Google and Apple follow a different approach on search results, so it is necessary to understand how the store works in order to design the app optimization.

  • Title and icon/screenshots

Choose a title that clearly says what your app is about.  When potential users scroll the stores, the icon is the first thing they see. It reflects your brand identity so it has to be eye catching. Make sure your screenshots display your app benefits. Good screenshots = Better transformation rate.

  • Keywords

63% of apps are discovered through app store searches.  This aspect of ASO is the most important part of your app’s optimization.  Carefully analyse the keywords you choose and make sure they are related to your app. Take into account your target audience, the features and also the characters limit on keywords . Too competitive keywords won’t bring you any visibility.This part is crucial as users will potentially land on your app through keyword searching.

  • Description

Don’t bother writing a very complicated description. Users are mostly scanning through it. Keep the best keywords for the first lines.  Describe what the app does in simple terms. Your transformation rate will depend on how appealing your app sounds.

  • Localization

Adapting your ASO to local markets is the best way to proceed. Trends, competitors, languages are different in each countries. Translation is not enough! It takes a lot of downloads for your app to be discovered on the stores.  Search presence is the first step to differenciate your app from others. To get a lot of downloads you need to make sure your app is present on the search results.

ASO is an ongoing process and needs constant monitoring and optimization through the year. Keep a close eye on your market(s) trends and competition.

Increase your chances to boost your visibility and organic installs! Start now!

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